Welcome to the Fore River Shipyard

Now Available!

Free-standing 7,500 square foot clear-span building with overhead doors now available for lease.

24/7 Security | Good Marine Access

Enviromentally clean uses only

Located just 10 miles from downtown Boston in Quincy and Braintree Massachusetts. Thank you for taking the time to view our site.

At this time, the Shipyard is actively seeking industrial tenants for both indoor and outdoor space. The Fore River which flows directly into Boston Harbor has been recently dredged by the Army Corps of Engineers, and can accept “Panamax” class vessels. Currently several marine contractors are making use of the facilities at our Shipyard, but with 111 acres we can also easily accommodate your needs.

From a business point of view the convenient location is enhanced with high-speed ferry service between the Shipyard area and both Logan International Airport and downtown Boston

If you think your company can make use of such a facility, even for short term projects, we urge you contact the Shipyard project office at (617)847-1883 or Contact us Here